regular meets friday 14th june 2013 AND saturday 15th june 2013

Did you know that the delightful Bar Convent also does bed & breakfast (B&B) at very nice rates? You can check availability and prices here if you need. And why would you need?

Despite switching the club dates, we still occasionally get a Friday meet the night before a Saturday meet. This week is one example, we meet in the Bar Convent on Friday 14th June 2013 from 5pm to 9pm, and then on Saturday 15th June 2013 from 10am to 9pm. So if you are travelling some way to join us in York, you could book a night at the Bar Convent and enjoy unparalleled joy with two successive meetings.

Of course, you could just book a Saturday night anyway, and enjoy a Saturday gaming and a Sunday touristing in York. Bring your family or partner or self and they can go out and you can stop in with us. Everybody wins!

Our last Saturday meet was very good. We had a strong turn out despite the lovely weather luring people away. And we had some old faces re-appearing after some years away from the club, especially pleasing to see old friends return.

In other news, we’re still buying games in The Works for just £10 each! We’ve now got Giants & Vineta coming from Hull, and Industry and Felinia from Leeds. All will be available on Saturday. Vineta is a top game, grab a copy if you see it. Follow us on Twitter @BMYork for updates on bargains we spot.

And finally, here are some photos of the games we played on our 1st Saturday meet. Remember one of the benefits of coming to our club is that some members bringing in very new games to pay, that might not get to see normally. Mike brought one in, Agents of SMERSH, a sort of story-telling game with a big book of plot twists to wander through. If you ever played Tales Of The Arabian Nights, you’d recognise how it works. Not a club game, but if you’re lucky, Mike might bring it again.


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