regular meet – saturday 1st june 2013

We meet as normal this Saturday 1st June 2013 from 10am to 9pm at the Bar Convent on Blossom St in York. Remember, we do have access to private parking if you ask nicely. And remember, your validated discount card works in their cafe any time, not just in club meets. And remember, you can stay as long or as little as you want. No need to stop all day if you don’t want to.

Not much news this week. The tea and coffee in the evening is now free. We weren’t collecting enough on it to make a difference so now it’s another perk for you! And we’re not doing the weekly emails any more, too much work for too little return. If you want email reminders, subscribe to this blog. Drop your email into the little subscription box top right. After that, you can control how often you get updates.

The Works are having another go at selling Eurogames. Not much of a selection yet (the splurge of Z-Man Games did not appear), but worth looking out for Industry, Felinia, Giants and maybe Army Of Frogs or Nexos. We want to grab some for the club, but our minions are not as active as we hoped for.

Instead, Amazon has been continuing to deliver, quite literally! New in the club will be Lancaster, Mahararani, Santa Cruz and Cartagena Die Mueterei. We need English rules printing in colour for these please. One person is already doing Santa Cruz, can we please have more people offering to help on the others? Drop a line and we’ll send the files.

And we’re lining up another Netrunner demo.

That’s all. See you on Saturday.


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