regular meet – friday 24th may 2013

Yes Yes YES we do meet as normal this Friday 24th May 2013 from 5pm to 9pm at the Bar Convent in York.

If you remember the wonderful game sale in The Works a couple of years ago, the good news is that they’re back! Following recent enquiries on BGG by their new game buyer, The Works are selling more Eurogames at £10 this time. Industry, Felinia, Giants and more have all been seen in the wild, just not in York yet, with the elusive Gosu being expected shortly.

And we’ve been busy buying some excellent games off Amazon, both UK and DE. After the very successful Castles Of Burgundy, we’ve got Indigo arriving on Friday, and from Amazon.DE we’re getting Lancaster, Maharani, Santa Cruz and Cartagena: Die Meuterei, all due at the end of May 2013. We could be on track for that elusive microbadge

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, we had a good turn-out last week despite the poor weather and Eurovision keeping people away (yes, gamers love Eurovision!). But we still played a ton of stuff and YEL had a good time after winning some favourite games not that winning matters it’s all about the fun IWONIWONIWON!!! about the fun of taking part regardless of being a complete genius. And the Netrunner demos went down nicely too, so thanks to CJ and Thomas for doing that for us. We’re hoping for a Man In Black to visit York soonish.


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