netrunner tournaments in york plus demo with us

If you’re interested in the game Android: Netrunner, you’ll be pleased to hear that a weekly tournament is being started in York, down in Lendal Cellars in York centre. Starting on Tuesday 14th May 2013, and running every Tuesday from 6pm when you register, there’ll be a swiss round tourny in a league with prizes. To learn more, you need to get onto their Facebook group Netrunning York.

If you want to know more about the game first, come to Beyond Monopoly! on Saturday 18th May 2013, when the very same people will be doing a demo in the club through the day. It’s a two player card game, and after you get the starter decks, you can buy various expansion decks. It’s different to CCGs like M:TG in that these expansions aren’t rarified, so you won’t have to chase down unfindable cards. The publisher calls it a “living card game” (LCG) instead. It’s been played a few times in the club, and it’s the sort of game where, if you like that sort of game, you’ll like Netrunner.

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