price rise in may 2013

The structure of admission charges for attending the club is being amended with effect from 1st May 2013. The new structure is as follows:

On Saturday meetings, an adult pays £4 for the day, a concession (senior, student, unwaged) pays £3 for the day, juniors (children aged 8-12 inclusive) get FREE entry all day. Children over 12 years are considered as students. We are moving the late entry back to 5pm, after which any adult or concession arriving pays £2. Note, there is no discount for a concession after 5pm on Saturday meetings. Juniors must be accompanied at all times.

On Friday meetings, an adult pays £2 for the evening, a concession pays £1 for the evening, juniors are FREE (must be accompanied at all times).

If we see a significant jump in people claiming the concessions, we’ll be more rigorous in asking for proof of entitlement.

Your first visit to the club is FREE. If your first visit is on a Friday evening, that is FREE and now you will get a FREE Saturday visit as well. If your first visit is a Saturday, that is FREE, but you don’t also get a FREE Friday visit too. Ya-boo.

And now, the reasons why. After moving to our new home, our costs are higher than before. We are getting generous terms (waaay better than commercial terms) and we are getting a lot more value. But after looking at real attendance figures over the past five Quarters, if we kept the current price structure, we would make under £100 profit in that period.

The new price structure should produce a healthy normal profit. Our club is a not-for-profit group. That doesn’t mean we should not make profit. In fact, we have to make profit to survive, since normal profit is an operating cost. It is used to offset capital depreciation. If we don’t make normal profit, we eventually sink.

So we have to make some profit to pay for regular costs and many one-off items. In previous years, we’ve generally balanced income and outgo, that is, we spend most of the profit, mostly on games. When we dispose of unwanted games, it’s usually at very low prices. We also frequently reward volunteers who help the club, especially with FREE entries. Remember, everyone gets in FREE on the club birthday.

We have not increased prices since the club started eight years ago. If anything, adding FREE entry for first time visitors actually reduced our prices. So we’ve offered amazing value to you for eight years, and finally we have to make this increase. We did look at smaller rises, especially for the Friday evening, but attendance levels simply would not support this.

The new prices will apply on our 1st Saturday meet on 4th May 2013. Please note, the late time on Saturday will be 5pm, not 4pm. Until then, enjoy the final meet this Friday at the old terms.


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