regular meet – bar convent – saturday 20th april 2013

We meet as usual on this Saturday 20th April 2013 at the Bar Convent on Blossom St, York, from 10am to 9pm. PLEASE NOTE: make sure, when you first come in, that you go through the main hall to the Aspinal Room across the courtyard. Please get in the habit of making this your way in, not down the side passage or through the Bedingfield room.

Why? Because we may not have access to the Bedingfield or Gascoigne rooms and we don’t want members stumbling in on other bookings. Once you’ve been in to the Aspinal via the courtyard, you’ll know which rooms we have for that meeting. Please get in the habit of crossing the small courtyard first, to find out which rooms we’ve got. You can always ask the Receptionist when you come in too.

As it happens, this Saturday we do not have the Gascoigne room until later on in the afternoon, so some of you will be in the Breakfast Room.

Remember, after the cafe closes, you can still get tea and coffee in our rooms – unlimited refills for just 50p. And beer from £2.50 a bottle or can, plus soft drinks too.

We hope you try out the excellent cafe on your visit. Members get 10% food and drink (except alcohol) with a validated club card. Please try it once at least, you really will be pleased. The cafe specialises in gluten-free foods, so if you have dietary restrictions, ask the staff for suggestions.

We’re really settling down in the new rooms. They are very comfortable, very warm, lovely carpeting, and both rooms have large skylights. If you’ve been away for a while, please do drop in and have a look. Having the whole collection in one cupboard is really impressive too. You’ll find we have a lot more games than you thought, now it’s all in view.


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