regular friday meet, new home – 12th april 2013

We meet as normal this Friday afternoon, 12th April 2013 from 5pm. What’s new is our home in the Bar Convent. We’ve left the RI and taken up residence in the Aspinal Room in the Bar Convent.

NOTE! The front door will be closed at 4pm, but please ring for attention and you’ll be admitted. And the cafe will be closed but we’ll still have tea and coffee in our rooms.

We finish at 9pm, and for the moment our prices for the evening are the same, £1 adults, 50p concessions.

We had a very good turn-out on Saturday, our first full day at the Bar Convent. One of the interesting developments was having mostly all of the club collection now in one walk in cupboard (see the photo below). Step in and you can now see 80% of the club’s games at a glance! As a result, some games got pulled out and played that rarely got seen before. Cosmic Encounter, Shadow Hunters, Shogun, Thebes, Clans, Railway Rivals, lots of the nuggets in our collection can be re-discovered. Have a butchers at the slideshow below.

We also discovered that the food from the cafe is fantastic. Big portions, delicious food and excellent service. And we get a 10% discount too, even outside meetings. If you didn’t visit the cafe on Saturday, make sure you try something on your next visit. Don’t mind about bringing it into our rooms either. They regularly have the carpets cleaned, so you won’t be causing problems if you drop the odd crumb.

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