first meet in our new home! – saturday 6th april 2013 – bar convent, york

We meet as normal on Saturday 6th April 2013 at 10am. We have moved to the Bar Convent. Pay attention! We’re not at the RI any more at all. We have now moved lock, stock and cardboard box to the Bar Convent at 17 Blossom Street, York. It’s only a couple of minutes walk on from the RI, just over the traffic lights. As you enter the magnificent portico, just ask at Reception for directions to our rooms, the Aspinal and the Gascoigne.

We do start at 10am, but we’ll finish at 9pm now. After checking in, you can come and go as you like. We’re very likely to be raising our prices soon, but for now, it’s still £3 adults, £2 concessions, £1 kids, and £1 after 4pm.

There’s one other big change you need to be aware of. Now we are in the Bar Convent, you are not allowed to consume your own food or drink on the premises. Please respect their requirements. They have a lovely cafe, please use it. Members get a 10% discount at the cafe anytime when you show your validated club card (anytime, not just during meets). You can bring in water and sweets. But if you want to eat a packed lunch or anything else of your own, you will have to leave the premises first. The cafe closes at 4pm, but we’ve got tea, coffee or cordials laid on, and you can still buy beer too. If you want something to eat after 4pm, either go out for food (please don’t bring it back in) or get something from the cafe before 4pm and simply ask them to wrap it in clingfilm for you.

OK, there’s another change too! The Bar Convent closes the main door at 4pm, but you can still come in to BM!. Just ring the bell and wait to be greeted.

At the moment, everything else is as normal. There will be some bumps on the road, but be patient, work with us and we’ll have a smooth journey ahead. We aim to be in the Bar Convent for years to come. Let’s get off to a cracking start.

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