UK Games Expo 24th-26th may 2013 – tickets on sale


The UK Games Expo is Britain’s biggest hobby game event. It started in 2007 and has grown every year, and now they’ve moved to a new venue in Birmingham. The 2013 show will be on 24th-26th May 2013 at the NEC Hilton Metropole complex in Birmingham. This is a big venue, and the show will be laid out in a much better way than before.

Now here’s the thing. They’ve always had a lots of support from the UK industry and gamers. Most of the British publishers and retailers are there and it’s always been a busy show. Mayfair’s been there along with Z-Man Games. But this year, some more of the foreign publishers are showing. Queen Games, Asmodee, Czech Games Edition (CGE), Alderac Entertainment (AEG), Fantasy Flight. This is the stuff you play in BM! every meeting. If you’ve been thinking about going previously but didn’t, now’s the time to get down there and see the Expo.

The advance ticket system is now live, and you can buy tickets on the door on the day too. You can see the prices here.

It’s a big show with loads to do, lots of new games to try out, tournaments and special events. And finally, they’ve had the good sense to run it on a non-BM! weekend.


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