please help us move this week

EDIT: We moved already! Thank you to all the helpers who turned out, fantastic support got the job done very quickly.

We have arranged to move our stuff from out of the Railway Institute and in to the Bar Convent on Friday 29th March 2013. That’s this coming Friday, the Good Friday bank holiday.

We need your help. We’ve got our boxes packed. We’ve got a van hired. We just need people to turn up on Friday at the RI at 10am and help shift the stuff. We have cabinets, boxes of games, a bunch of stuff that needs shifting down stairs, into the van, out the other end and so on.

If you are fit and able-bodied, please get in touch and tell us you’re coming to help. It’s laborious and tiring, but with enough hands, it will be fairly easy.

You get a credit for a free visit to the club and we’ll try and arrange a bonus for you later. If you cannot help, or have made plans, can you shift them back a day or even a few hours? It will not take all day, just a few hours in the morning.

If you’re really not able to help, that’s fine, we understand. But if you’re going to be free, or can get free that morning, please step up and help your club. You get a lot of benefits from Beyond Monopoly!, now you can offer a little help in return.

please email and tell us you will help.

Thank you.


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