we are moving to the bar convent

Our new home will be the Bar Convent on the corner of Blossom Street and Nunnery Lane (the entrance is on Blossom Street). It’s only a little further on than the Railway Institute, just up to the traffic lights and over the road. There are two bus stops right in front, and we have access to private parking.

We will be using two beautiful rooms, the Aspinal Room and the Gascoigne Room, with our collection stored in the Aspinal. These are excellent rooms, check out the Virtual Tour, carpeted, properly lit, skylights even. We have a courtyard for the summer too. The Bar Convent is a very professionally run location, and we’ll be well looked after. And after 8 years, we finally get disabled access. Wheelchair users will be able to get directly to our rooms.

There will be some changes for us. We still meet on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays from 10am, and on the 2nd & 4th Friday evenings from 5pm, but we will be closing at 9pm in future. The rooms need to prepared for the next day’s use. The front door closes at 4pm, but just ring the bell (more on that later).

One big change for us; you’re not allowed to consume your own food or drink on the premises. The Bar Convent runs a lovely cafe (licensed), where you can get 10% off by showing your club card. You can bring in a water bottle and sweets to our rooms, but nothing else. If you want lunch or a snack, pop into the cafe and get something there. If you want to bring a packed lunch or snacks with you, then we require you to leave the premises when you want to eat. It is a restriction, but when you see what we gain, we know you’ll be happy to respect the Bar Convent’s rules. The cafe closes at 4pm, but we’re having drinks laid on for the evening, so you won’t go thirsty. (We do lose our Blue Meeple Cafe, thank you Paul, for your hard work setting that up).

There is another change coming too. Our prices will go up. We’re still getting extremely generous terms, but our current income won’t leave much profit. All organisations must make profit, even not-for-profit groups like us. Profit is an operating cost, we need it to cover general running expenses and losses, especially buying new games. We spend most of our profit on new games and they’re not getting cheaper. Over the year, our club generally breaks even. With this move, we’ll tick along, but we won’t be able to grow. We’ll bring in the new prices after April 2013, and it won’t be a massive rise. But after 8 years of no rise at all, it can’t be avoided.

We are planning to move on Friday 29th March 2013, so our first meeting in the Bar Convent will be Saturday 6th April 2013. We will, of course, be wanting your help in preparing and making the move.

On balance, this move is a big deal for our club. We had a great run with the Railway Institute, but we’ve grown beyond capacity there. We now move to a new home with more to offer. Better facilities have a higher cost and some restrictions, but we now have a more secure future and can build on our previous successes.

We thank Michael Baines for the efforts he’s put in for the club, paving the way and arranging the relocation. With Michael’s help, we’ve gained a great opportunity to prosper and promote Beyond Monopoly! farther than before.


2 thoughts on “we are moving to the bar convent

  1. Rick says:

    Will the no food restriction be in place even when the cafe is closed? I fully understand about lunch, of course, but in an evening when there’s no alternative…?

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