social groups in york

We are interested in meeting like-minded people in York with a view to a deep and lasting relationship, well, getting them interested in what we do. What we do could fit well with what they do, and they might really enjoy doing what we do. Not as often as we do, but every now and then, they might, well, do it too.

Anyway, here’s a short short list of ones we know about. Of course, if you’re in any of these, or know somebody who is, let us know! If you know any others that match, please speak up.

  • York FnT – FnT is a lively social club, organising activities for members in and around York. They meet on Blossom St, just near us.
  • York Ladies Circle – Ladies Circle is a national group of clubs for women aged 18-45, spun off from the Round Table in 1932. As well as events and socialising, they support charities too. Members over 45 graduate to Tangent which has a York branch somewhere… There’s a Round Table in York somewhere too, but the closest I could find is Richmond’s.
  • York Rotoract – this is the active wing of the international Rotary Club (there are three of them in York! One, Two and Three) Rotaract organises events and charitable work for members.
  • York IVC – one of the national Intervarsity Clubs, another active social club, this one’s mostly for graduates, so they’re all edgermurkated. Our Kevin is in York IVC!
  • Probus Club Of York – Probus is a national group of clubs for (semi-)retired business professionals, providing fellowship and meetings for members.
  • York Scarlet Ladies – The Red Hat Society is a national organisation of clubs for woman who’ve done for others and now are doing for themselves! Whatever they do, it’s a rule to dress up in red or pink and have fun.
  • York Parents – not a club, but the kind of people we want to meet. It’s a site run by a family finding fun things to do in York.
  • Spice Yorkshire – more on the adventure and holiday activities, but another social group in the area. Maybe they’ll like Pitchcar.
  • TNT York – another social group in York, events and outings to socialise.
  • Make-York – Make-York is a network of young York professionals which aims to support the same, recognise their contribution to life in York, and lobby on a variety of issues to keep York attractive to the same.

And there are Working Men’s clubs and Conservative clubs too. Tricky finding groups for foreigners or language students. There must be the odd Pole or German in York.


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