International TableTop Day…

So here’s an interesting thing.


The video channel TableTop on youtube has been getting a ton of people into modern boardgames. They’ve got a great format for showing how a game works and how fun it is to play. Very quick, very engaging, and they show that anyone can have a blast playing games they’ve never seen before.

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the show, TableTop has launched International TableTop Day to be on 30th March 2013. They want you to play a game that day. At home, in public, at an event, anywhere! Just get a good game out and give it a go. If you can rope some new people in, that’s a bonus.

So here’s an interesting thing. We have our Saturday meets on the 2nd Match and 16th March 2013. We then do not meet for two Saturdays until Saturday 6th April 2013. Which means… we’re not actually doing anything on 30th March 2013… interesting…


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