happy 8th birthday to us – free entry – saturday 16th february 2013

We’ll have to get the signwriter in and add “Established in 2005” to our frontage. Yes, it’s our birthday again, and we’re all grown up now. 8 years ago, we started showing people a good time and we’ve been at it ever since. Last year, over 1300 visits, an increase of 18% on 2011, and the fun keeps on growing.

So come to our room in the Gymnasium at the Railway Institute, Queen St, York, this Saturday 16th February 2013, from 10am to 10pm, and your treat is on the house. Free entry for everyone. You can stay as long or little as you like. Remember, we’ve been buying new games lately, so there’s lots to choose from. Plus we’re selling off a bunch of older games at bargain prices too.

And take a little time to make something nice to eat for us too. Make it game related, or maybe game theme related. We’ve train games, space games, snowy games, Cuban games, there’s a big variety. Make something to share around and we’ll have a jolly time!

See you on Saturday, come in early or late, we’ll be happy to see you.


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