we’re NOT all going on a jolly holiday

EDIT: It’s not happening. It would be too expensive for most people, so we simply wouldn’t get the minimum numbers required. Still, very informative and a useful exercise.


We’re looking at the possibility of maybe arranging a coach trip to Essen. Essen means the huge game show, Spiel, which runs for 4 days in October in the show halls in Essen, Germany. It’s massive. It’s nearly all board and card games, some RPG, LARP, CCG. It’s huge. It’s basically the motor show but for board games. You get to play the latest games all day, buy new and very very cheap remaindered games, and older games in the fleamarket. You can meet your favourite designers, pick up freebies and special bonuses, and find lots of weird stuff you’d never see normally.

This is only just being looked at, it might not happen this year or at all. But we might travel from Kings Cross, London, to Essen and back to Kings Cross by coach. We’d travel out on the Friday night, spend Saturday and Sunday in the show, travel back for Monday morning. We’d only be sleeping one night in a hotel. The show in 2013 runs from Thursday 16th October to Sunday 19th October 2013 inclusive, so we’d miss the Thursday and Friday. It’s very very busy on the weekend, but it’s a great chance to see the show and come away with some bargains.

Plus, going by coach means you can carry a lot more weight than by plane. But be warned, you’ll have to make your own way to and from Kings Cross.

We’ll have more info for you, we’ve only started to look at this seriously, but if you’re interested and ready to pay a deposit, please raise your hand.


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