wallace & civilisation & cake & you – saturday 2nd february 2013

Regular meet, this Saturday 2nd February 2013, 10am to 10pm, stay as long or little as you prefer, first visit is FREE! Remember, we now meet upstairs in the Gymnasium at the Railway Institute, Queen St, York, not in the main building. We’ve had one stray lamb admit to wandering about, despite the many many many explanations.

He’s a tease! In, out, in, out, shake it all about, yes the lad himself is back. Martin Wallace is coming to BM! this Saturday. It’s definitely very likely that he could turn up. He’s given a positive confirmation that he can possibly… well he said he is coming now, on the train so he can’t bring much to sell, but he is coming. They leave for NZ in a few weeks, so it’s your last chance to get your name down in the Thanks page of a rule book seen by millions. Bring some cash money if you want to buy anything from him.

We too are selling off more games, a new price list has gone up on the end cabinet, and there will be more getting the chop soon too. What happens to the ones that don’t sell? We are open to offers and suggestions.

Meanwhile, the genius that brought you a long game of Friedrich on our last Saturday is preparing a stab at starting Civilisation. That’s the Sid Meier branded board game 2010 edition, actually designed by Kevin Wilson. It’s another heavy hitter, so get in early on Saturday if you want a crack. They’ll be starting by 11am and it will take a 3+ hours to finish. It’s good to see these longer games getting some action again. We’ve got a bunch in the collection, it’s not all fluffy euros and cube pushing merchants.

And finally, we are expecting you to bring some cake and other goodies on our birthday. Not this Saturday, but the 3rd Saturday in February is our club birthday. The club was started after a demo of games in February 2005 at Vapnartak (on this Sunday at the racecourse, no we’re not doing it this year). So Saturday 16th February 2013 will be our 8th birthday. Previous years, we’ve had Settlers biscuits and gold bars from Stone Age. Get thinking and come up with some home-made treats that we play.


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