club game sale part deux

In November 2012, a list went up in the club of games we were selling. Now, a fresh list of more games for sale is going up in the club. The idea being that them that actually come to the club get first dibs. But now a fresh list is going up, the first list is being offered to you here.

If you spot a game you once donated to the club, well thank you kindly but it’s time to move on. With over 500 games in the club, there’s a lot that won’t get played, and we need the room.

No, we are not doing mail order, delivery, trades or any convoluted deals. If you want any of these, you must turn up with cash money and a bag. No, we are not keeping anything on reserve because you can’t make it over until next year. If you want it, come and get it. Now.

This post will be updated when stuff has sold and we get around to updating it.

All games are sold as is, expect them to have been opened, punched and played and in reasonable condition. However, some games might have box damage. Priced to clear. Most are English editions, but if not, then they are playable as they are. Go look them up on

For £5 each:
Einage sie wachsum, Chain Game, Backseat Drawing, Krumble, Dancing Dice, Modern Art (Mayfair small box), Salamanca, Hystericoach, Hotel von Amsterdam, Fussball Tactik 2006, Palazzo, Greentown (#47 of 350), Fagin’s Gang, Altamira, Change Horses (an horse got broke), Cape Horn, Dschamal, Master Builder.

For £3 each:
Asrus, Sudoku Bordspel, Beetlez, Palatinus, Fredericus, Figaro, Isis & Osiris, Apache, CirKis, Anasazi, Armada 3.

For £1 each:
Word Yahtzee, The Great I Am.