4th friday is here again – 25th january 2013

We meet again on Friday to play games again, lots of new ones in the club again, Fleet, Olympos, Paris Connection, Mondo, The Cave and Ghost Stories which is very very hard to win. So we’ve filled up again and need to shift some more games again. So there’ll be more games getting the chop being put on sale again.

Meanwhile, the ones that didn’t sell already will be offered on the blog. People that come to the club get first chance, but since we’ve had a few on sale for a while, those will now be offered up. After that… we’ll have to find another home for them.

Martin Wallace has been in touch and cannot now make it over to BM! before they leave. With time running out, other commitments take over, which we quite appreciate of course. Never mind. We hope his transfer to New Zealand goes well and wish him every success even though he’s now a foreigner.

Martin Wallace wasn’t able to come over last Saturday, or rather, it was the getting back to Manc that was the problem. So he’s postponed his visit to our 1st Saturday meet in February, 2nd February 2013. He can only bring his newest games PI and Dr Who card game, everything else is in storage ready for emigration.


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