wallace & friedrich & you – saturday 19th january 2013

This Saturday, we’re expecting a visit from Martin Wallace, the UK’s leading game designer, soon to be New Zealand’s leading game designer. Martin can’t leave ol’ Blighty without saying goodbye to York’s friendliest boardgame club. He’ll be playtesting some new top secret designs, and he’ll be selling copies of his new games P.I. (a nice deduction game) and Dr Who Card Game EX-TER-MINATE! Bring cash money, £25 for PI and £15 for Dr Who, that’s a fiver off both games’ RRP.

Martin tends to arrive early and leave in the afternoon, since he has to drive back to Manc (I know!), so if you want to get your games signed by the great man, get in early. Speaking of Manc, there is a scout hut that will turn your games into CASH. No, Martin will not take your box back…

Also early on Saturday, a game of Friedrich is organised. You’ll recall, they were looking for players to join them. There might be a player from Newcastle, but there’s still a chance for you to claim a place. You could try it out prior to going to Berlin to play for your nation.

And also, we’re playing games all day Saturday! Regular meet, 10am to 10pm, stay as long or as little as you like. Bring your lunch and drinks for the afternoon. In our new home, the upstairs room at the Gymnasium at the Railway Institute on Queen St, York.

Oh yes, we’ll be playing all the new games we bought last week…


One thought on “wallace & friedrich & you – saturday 19th january 2013

  1. Andrew says:

    If you even think that you kind of might want to play in Friedrich World Championships you should follow the link and register your interest before the end of February.

    Thank you for the plug John.

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