2nd Friday is here! friday 11th january 2013

Bonjour! Bienvenue a Beyond Monopoly! Mesdames et Monsieurs! (The blog is being totally scoped out by somebody in La Belle France, so let’s make them feel at home).

Good grief! Sacre blue! Meeting almost every week of the year means posting chirpy upbeat items almost every week of the year. A Herculean task! Une task pour Asterix!

We meet this Friday evening from 5pm to 10pm on 11th January 2013 in our cosy green home in the Gymnasium building at the Railway Institute on Queen St, York.

In other news, we bought some games this week at Travelling Man’s game sale. Some interesting stuff there and we might send the lad back for more. We got The Cave, Paris Connection oooh lala!, Mondo and… Ghost Stories! Very pleased to finally get this brutal co-op into the club collection. Hopping Vampires! Johnny Halliday!

Also news, Gamewright are launching a follow-up to Forbidden Island, called Forbidden Desert. Have a butchers here… Gamewright Embarks on a New Forbidden Adventure in 2013!. Looks very tasty.


3 thoughts on “2nd Friday is here! friday 11th january 2013

  1. Daniel Waters (@danielwaters) says:

    I think I might be your French reader! My company network routes through Paris so that might explain it…

    If you were hoping for some new French gamers I’m sorry to disappoint! However, I’m hoping to be making my virgin voyage to BM from Leeds on 19th Jan.

  2. Paul Yates says:

    Hope to be there tonight, demands of work notwithstanding. The new room is growing on me. It reminded me at first of my old scout hut but having seen it full of tables with people happily gaming it looks a lot less crowded than the old place and the chairs are comfier too. Having the games cupboards outside helps. Still haven’t played The Resistance in it, though….

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