happy new BM! – regular meet – saturday 5th january 2013

2013. Thirteen. It’s 2013, and lucky for you, it’s BM! on Saturday. Yet again, be reminded that we have moved. We are now in a room upstairs in the Gymnasium, a separate building in the Railway Institute complex on Queen St, York. To see where we are, look at the slideshow on this page.

Everything else is as normal, 10am to 10pm, stay as long or little as you like, bring a water bottle or your lunch if you’re stopping. We are allowed to bring drinks across from the bar. If you want to bring food over, please help tidy up afterwards. Carrying the glasses and plates back is more work than before for them at the close.

And remember too, we now meet on 2nd and 4th Friday evenings, instead of 1st Wednesday and Final Friday, which have now ended.

We’re still selling off games, so keep an eye out for price stickers. Very cheap, most of them only £5 or £3. When we sell a few more, we’ll be buying again.

This Saturday, there’s a game of Dominant Species lined up in the morning, looks like it’s filled already. On our next Saturday meeting, 19th January 2013, there’s a long game of Friedrich planned, speak to Andrew or Big John if you want a spot there.


One thought on “happy new BM! – regular meet – saturday 5th january 2013

  1. janet mccullough says:


    Forgot to ask on Sat – did you get my e-mail about Ora & Labora?  Offer price of £45 from Travelling Man may not be open for long.



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