final Final Friday in new room – friday 28th december 2012

Now we have moved to our new room in the Gymnasium, we are also switching our evening meetings to the 2nd and 4th Fridays. That means we no longer meet on the 1st Wednesday or Final Friday evenings. However, that’s from January 2013, so we finish our record-breaking year with one last Final Friday on 28th December 2012 from 5pm to 10pm. Bring the new games you unwrapped this week.

It’s a good chance for you to find out where we are exactly. When you go to the Gym, just walk right in. There’s door staff there to help you if you need. Walk into the Gym, don’t walk onto the courts, walk straight ahead past the courts and the changing rooms. At the end, walk up the short stairs and back along the balcony. Go through the glass doors and you are there.

Things will be different of course. We cannot dilly-dally at the end of the day, we have to be out of the Gym promptly because it gets locked up sooner. We are separated from the bar, but you are allowed to bring your drinks over to our room. Just make sure the empties are returned. Crucially, if there’s enough demand, we could start running every Friday evening, at no risk to the club funds. We shall see…

4 thoughts on “final Final Friday in new room – friday 28th december 2012

  1. Paul Catley says:

    Thanks for the directions once in the gym. For those that don’t know (me being one), what are the directions *to* the gym, relative to the main RI building?

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