1st Wednesday meet is this week – 5th december 2012

Blimus! Time passes so quickly when you’re knackered. This Wednesday is 1st Wednesday, which makes this another time we’ve had three meets in 6 days. We meet as usual at the Railway Institute on Queens St, York, on Wednesday 5th December 2012 from 5pm to after 10pm.

Remember, this year we are unaffected by holidays. All meets proceed as scheduled.

It was noticeable that some people came to Final Friday last week but not 1st Saturday, who’d normally do both. This was pointed out when it happened in August too, but Your Esteemed Leader did not fathom. There may be a case for spreading meetings out, if somebody wants to do the analysis. We’re not ready for an evening every week yet though (YEL has to work too).

Of course, we started doing Final Friday because some people said they couldn’t do Wednesdays. And we started 1st Wednesday because some people said they couldn’t do Saturdays. One supposes if we met every day of the week, they couldn’t do days with a Y.


3 thoughts on “1st Wednesday meet is this week – 5th december 2012

  1. yorkrambler says:

    I can’t offer to do analysis but as a newer member I have always puzzled at the dispersion of the evening dates – First Wednesday and Final Friday – which can lead to three in a week. Maybe with doing First and Third Saturday, it could be Second Wednesday and Fourth Friday – or something like that? Like I say, I haven’t done the analysis, but for someone who could, would this help disperse the evenings and avoid the 3-in-a-week cluster? Just a thought.

  2. janet mccullough says:


    I came Fri and not Sat but only because I was on a one-off practical fruit bush and tree pruning course.  Would have come otherwise.



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