bring them in – regular meet 1st Wednesday – 7th november 2012

Something very pleasing happened on Saturday. A new person walked in to give the club a try. She’d overheard one of our players, Tara, talking about the club in the library, and asked about BM!. Tara sold the club so well, she came along and tried some games with us.

Not unusual, we get new people in all the time. But usually they are gamers already. They know the games, they know the form, what to expect and what to do. But coming in cold, having no real idea what to expect of a boardgame club? It must be very daunting to walk into a room of strangers playing weird games you’ve never seen or heard before.

So please think about bringing a friend in with you. You know people who’d really love our club, but wouldn’t come alone. Do a deal, say “come with me to BM! for a morning, and I’ll go with you to something else”. Bring them in for an afternoon, just a few hours, then go on out for the evening. Make a deliberate effort to bring someone in. And follow Tara’s excellent example and mention BM! loudly in public.

Our next meeting is this Wednesday 7th November 2012 from 5pm to after 10pm at the Railway Institute on Queen St, York. Let’s see you there and bring a friend along with you.


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