we lend games, do we lend games!

We know our club members make active decisions to buy games once they’ve actually played them. There’s no better way to know if a game works for you. One of our players said in an email “I also wanted to add that most of the games that I have in my collection (100+ including add-ons) is because I have played them at Beyond Monopoly!.”

Game loans are one of the ways we constantly promote the hobby, but it’s largely unseen. We’ve been loaning games to club members for years. For a deposit of £10, you can take one a large board game, £5 for a small box game. You keep the game for a month (cough cough) and get your deposit back when you return the game. It’s a great way to spread the benefits of gaming:

  • Our club collection get extended use outside the club
  • The games get shown to lots more people, especially those who might come to the club
  • Gamers get to try out games at home with more time to learn
  • They can try a game they’re thinking of buying
  • They can take family-friendly games to events and weekends, especially games that play high numbers
  • Gamers can try different set-ups or practice strategies
  • They can try a game with their partner at home as a 2-player game
  • They can play longer games at home than they’d play in the club

In or out of the club, our games keep working.  But as an example, in the past few months alone ,we’ve lent out: Antike, GiftTrap, Torres, Isis & Osiris, Imperial 2030, Havoc, Alhambra, Goblins, Civilisation, Settlers Cities & Knights, Blue Moon, Age Of Industry, McMulti, Gypsy King, Airships, 011, Marrakech, Power Grid, Space Alert, Memoir ’44, Settlers Card Game & expansion.

Amongst the most loaned games are Amyitis, Winner’s Circle, Ave Caesar, Medici, Dominion, and Space Alert. Out of our 500+ game collection, we’ve loaned at least 150 different games out, and many games multiple times.

Yes, we keep extensive records! But it’s useful and gratifying to know that the club collection is getting so much active use. Our big club collection has taken a lot of effort to build and maintain, but it is rewarding.


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