the week after essen – Final Friday – 26th october 2012

We meet again on Friday evening at the Railway Institute on Queen St, York from 5pm to 10pm. We should have a couple of visitors, Andrew & Joel, wanting to playtest a new game called Medieval Usurper. They say it’s fun, strategic and dynamic, and based on historical information. Come along and give them a hand with some feedback.

We might also be getting some of our Essen haul. Y E L did not go this year, but some members did and kindly collected some stuff for the club. This week or next, we’ll be getting Qwirkle, the new edition of Showmanager (meaning the one we have is now for sale), Garibaldi (VERY pleased to get that), and Take It Easy!, the original version. That’s a lot easier and more fun than the version we used to own. They’ve also played a ton of new games and bought a load, so we hope to try Martin Wallace’s new game PI, Collapsible D, Hooyah, and many more in the next weeks. There were a lot of good games out in Essen this year, and there’s more in the run up to the holiday season too. Watch out for Hobbit related games…

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