report from the Prussian front

Readers will be aware that our Andrew competed for the UK last year in a tough overseas tournament for the game Friedrich, narrowly missing out on the medals. This year, he returned again, determined to triumph. Here’s his report:

“They came from Germany, England, Spain and the U.S. to fight with Frederick the Great in the Seven Years War. The fighting took place in Berlin over the last few days of September 2012, 300 years since the birth of Frederick; and nearly 250 years since the war itself.

It all began in summer of 1756 when Russia, Sweden, Austria, the Holy Roman Empire and France allied themselves on one side against Prussia and Great Britain on the other.

In the tournament, each player plays the game 4 times, scoring points for objectives captured; or as Prussia for the number of rounds they manage to survive (this is the really difficult bit). The 4 best scorers go on to contest the final. Between first and last place there was only 7.5 points; and between myself in 11th place and Guy Atkinson (now Britain’s best Friedrich player) there was only nine tenths of a point! A very close competition, I think you’ll agree.

I’ll be back next year to try and do even better – and I would recommend the tournament to any Friedrich player who wishes to pit their skills against the best in the world.”

There’s a lot more on the publisher Histogames’ site (in German). What Andrew didn’t mention was it’s a three day contest. The games were taken a few hours each, and it’s very hard to win. Andrew placed 11th this year, up seven places from 2011. Plus, Guy Atkinson was representing Spain, so Andrew remains the UK’s leading Friedrich player. He’ll happily bring his copy in and show you how to play.

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