Super Saturday Sweepstake – regular meet saturday 20th october 2012

So last meet we had a whalloping 58 people in. All time high! So this week, we’re running a massive Super Saturday Sweepstake. What do you think this week’s attendance total will be? 41, 42, 44, 48, 50, 53, 55, 57 are already bid for, so get your name down quick. Oh, and 1 was bid by Kenny, but we’ll probably get more than 1.

Of course, if you bid high, it’s in your interest to bring some people with you. We meet in the Railway Institute on Queen St, York, just a few steps from the station. We’re open from 10am to past 10pm and you can stop and long or a little as you want. Remember, your friends’ first visit is FREE!

Another neat thing happened last time too. A slew of games were arranged before time, mainly on Twitter. Senji, Junta, McMulti, and a bunch more got played as arranged. We’re on as @BMYork and lots of our active players follow the account and this blog. If you want to set up a certain game and get people interested in playing, drop us a line and we’ll drum up some attention. We know that new games like Indigo and Spectaculum will be on offer too.

See you on Saturday!


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