saturday was highest attendance EVAR

We had a total of 58 people visit on Saturday. This breaks our all time record ever. Previously we had 53 and 51 on our last birthday meets, 1st Sat February, when the meeting is free to enter for all. It’s also nearly double the attendance on the same meeting for the past three years. It’s also way ahead of our projected figures.

Thank you thank you thank you!

This is a huge achievement and a major goal of the club finally reached. We’ve been running over seven years now, and we’ve finally cracked 50 on a regular meeting. Most notable was the return of many missing gamers, including Steve Hedges who was one of the original founding organisers and did so much work to get us going. Hopefully they will keep coming back as possible. It only takes a little effort to drop in now and then.

And thank you for the members tweeting and re-tweeting during the day. Using Twitter and Facebook has definitely helped push the numbers up. On the Friday before, there was active talk on Twitter arranging games to be brought in and played. With over 400 followers, we’ve many in the gaming industry and in the York area. Building a buzz around the meeting really works. We are @bmyork (#BMYork) on Twitter and Bm.York on Facebook.

The only downside was that again we were badly over-crowded. We were supposed to have access to Room 2 by the early afternoon, but this didn’t happen till 6pm. We apologise for this and it’s being raised again with the RI. We’re seeking a more permanent solution, so please don’t be put off.

58. Your Esteemed Leader is very very happy. Thank you.


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