regulars regularly meet at regular meet – saturday 6th october 2012

Over-looked, but at the core of our club, are the regulars. There are a few who make almost every single meet in the year, missing maybe one or two. And many who come to every meeting they can. They might be away for a week or two, or a month, but as soon as possible, they get back in. You’ll find most of the regulars on the evening meets too, reliable, dependable, helpful and very entertaining.

Once you get to play the regulars, you get more fun. You get to play games where everyone already knows the game and you can just get on without explaining. You get to learn their playing style, do they take risks, can they bluff, do you under-estimate them. You adapt your game to work with them, and getting the win is better since you know you’ve worked for it.

But most of all, they’re friends. You might only see them at BM! but it’s always a pleasure when they walk in. You know you can chat, share your grumbles and successes, get a laugh from them. Usually, the best become your friends outside the club too. Best of all, it doesn’t really what the game is, when you play with friends, it’s always fun. Winning doesn’t matter, it’s just fun playing. Corny, but true.

So for all our regulars, thank you.

And they will all be there on Saturday, 6th October 2012, in the Railway Institute from 10am to after 10pm. Remember, you don’t have to stop all day, roll in and out when you like. But do come along and join the friendliest boardgame club in York.

You can use the NCP car park behind the RI for £6 for the whole day if you get in there before 9.30am. Don’t park in their shed though, that gets locked up in the evening.


2 thoughts on “regulars regularly meet at regular meet – saturday 6th october 2012

    • BMYork says:

      Thank you. I do tend to see and fret over the failures and miss seeing the big picture. We’ve got a bloody good club with lots of nice people and tons of great games. It needs a little work, there is the odd fly, but on the whole, it’s ace.

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