regular meet – 1st Wednesday – 3rd october 2012

Our 1st Wednesday evening meet is this week, 3rd October 2012 at the Railway Institute from 5pm to after 10pm. These evening meets are picking up now. Numbers are going up and it’s a good chance to learn quick games or have a look through heavier stuff before Saturday.

Remember, you can park in the NCP car park behind the RI for £1 after 6pm when you tell them you’re using the RI for Beyond Monopoly! Park in the open, because they lock the shed. You can also park there all day for £6 before 9.30am, great for Saturdays versus the ballet parkers (who are back).

We played McMulti for a while on Friday, a fast but long economic game (see photo). We didn’t finish but it was enough to whet the appetite. McMulti is being re-issued this year as Crude, one of the older games being brought back for a new audience. Made me want to get Die Macher out, another heavy German classic that got re-issued a few years back. But Crude/McMulti is actually an American game, made popular by an unauthorised German edition in the ’80s. It does use dice in a lucky way, but the simple market mechanisms make a canny game. You’ll find the same market mechanism in Knizia’s game Palmyra in 1996, re-issued as Buy Low Sell High by the Motley Fool, yup the investment advisers (known eurogamers). OK, that’s enough blather…


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