mentoring is dead – long live coaching rewards!

Following Andrew’s good idea, the mentoring system is changing. There will be a list of games needing promoting (for now, anything marked in bold in the current lists). If you take such a game home on deposit, learn it, bring it back, then coaching it at the club will get you a reward. Coach it to one group gets you a free evening visit. Coach it to another different group gets you an upgrade to a free day visit. Coaching it a third time gets you a hug from Robert and/or Tony. Make sure the club organisers validate your coaching when you do so.

So taking home games for free is gone, all borrowed games go on a deposit. But if you make the effort to take a listed game home, learn it, and then coach it, you’ll get a reward.

Does this mean that anybody who coaches any game gets free visits? Nope. It will be restricted to certain games on a hit list. Probably just a top ten that really deserve promoting. So the only reward for explaining TTR or Carc for the 50th time will be the rosy glow of self-satisfaction.


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