get some back bone! – regular meet saturday 15th sept 2012

Now then! Listen! Why you no come to BM!? We’ve been kicking round reasons why people want to come, but don’t. A common answer is that other stuff gets in the way. But we wondered if you think you have to stay all day? Do you think a Saturday meet means being here for the whole day? No! We run for 12 hours, but you can come for as little or as long as you want. Lots of people come in for a couple of games then head off. Surely you can sort things out to get a few hours with us?

So here’s the thing. We have 24 Saturday meetings each year, and 24 evening meets. And you can’t arrange just ONE morning, or ONE afternoon, or ONE evening visit in the whole year? Really, you’re just not trying. 48 chances to join us and you can’t make one? Yeah, it’s hectoring mode today.

Plan ahead. Make arrangements. You know when we meet. You know you can make a short visit. Want to spend time with your kids? Come to BM! for the morning, then meet your family in York for the afternoon. Working on Saturdays? Talk to your manager and ask for one Saturday, 1st or 3rd, to be left free. Or just arrange to leave work at 4pm, and spend the afternoon with BM! for just £1. You can get 6 hours gaming in very easily.

Enough with the excuses. Get some back bone! Make some plans. Get some time for yourself. Get into BM! for a few hours and get happy! Next chance is this coming Saturday 15th September 2012 at The Railway Institute on Queen St, York. We open at 10am, we close after 10pm, you turn up!


2 thoughts on “get some back bone! – regular meet saturday 15th sept 2012

    • BMYork says:

      Indeed! One tends to focus on absent friends, and overlooks those kind enough to make the effort, such as your good self. Please accept our heartfelt apologies and our gratitude.

      Now I have the germ of the next blog item for club meets…

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