some are saved, some are not – update on collection review

The lists of games at risk of getting dumped has been up for a few meetings now, with the desired effect. Several games have seen a flurry of activity, getting them off the danger list. Others have seen no action, moving them closer to the abyss.

So far, a few have been reprieved: Amyitis, Assyria, Cash n Guns + Yakuza exp, Galaxy Trucker + Big Trucker exp., Tinners Trail. But that’s a short list. Other games are teetering on the edge of salvation; Snow Tails, Iglu Pop, Charon, and others. A few more plays and they can breathe again. If one of your favourites isn’t saved yet, pull your finger out and get it played (more than once! with different people!). Surprisingly, games like Louis XIV, Leonardo da Vinci, Shadows Over Camelot, Keltis, Tulipmania, Steel Driver, are still on the danger list. We need to make room and buy new games, so something’s got to give. Of course, when they’re gone, you’ll go “Oh but I liked that game…” So play it already!!

We’ve also had a few questions about how the games will be disposed of. We will either sell, swap/trade, donate or dump them. If there’s something on the danger list you’d like, get in touch, speak to Your Esteemed Leader, make us an offer. There are already some games up for sale, more will be going on the price list soon..


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