lending policy – a brief reminder

Just to remind people of the club lending policy. Borrowing games is a great way to share games with your family and friends, and to learn games at home.

After 6 visits, you’re allowed to take games home on loan on deposit. You get to borrow the game for 1 month (that is, 2 Saturday meets). We expect you to bring the game back with you in the intervening Saturday if possible. Some games are in constant demand and will not be loaned, on discretion of the club Chairperson.

You pay a deposit of £10 for a big game, and £5 for a small game or card game. The deposit is refunded when you return the game. We are trying to improve this process, as we seem to have more deposits than games on loan.

We’ve had a few games go missing lately. Egizia turned up recently (very worn), having been absent for several months. It had been packed away in storage despite the borrower swearing it had been returned. We are currently missing the dice game Heckmeck and a card game Tricky Bid. Please return them if you have them, or anything else taken by mistake cough cough.

We also allow games to be borrowed for free if you’re intending to learn the game with the express intention of coaching the game at the club. However, this process is often abused, with mentors deciding that they can’t be bothered after bringing it back. If you’ve said you’ll teach a game, please follow through.

EDIT: Following Andrew’s good idea, the mentoring system is changing. There will be a list of games needing promoting (for now, anything marked in bold in the current lists). If you take such a game home on deposit, learn it, and bring it back, then coaching it at the club will get you a reward. Coach it to one group gets you a free evening visit. Coach it to another different group gets you an upgrade to a free day visit. Coaching it a third time gets you a hug from Robert and/or Tony.  Make sure the club organisers validate your coaching when you do so.


2 thoughts on “lending policy – a brief reminder

  1. Andrew says:

    How about if said “OK you’re taking game x home to learn. If you teach it to some people at the next session you get a free visit to the club”? I think that would create the right kind of incentive.

    • BMYork says:

      You know, that is a good idea. Which shall be implemented.

      Of course, as soon as we start giving a reward for teaching games, there will be howls of complaint “Oh but I teach games all the time, do I get in free forever now?”. So the reward shall be tied to games on the hit lists. Targeted action.

      Thank you, Andrew, for a helpful idea.

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