universal head – prolific player aids

Here’s one of the bonuses of being in a great community of gamers. People do wonderful things for free.

There’s an Australian on BGG known as Universal Head. He was Geek Of The Week #105, not least for his amazing work on Player Aids. These are summaries, reference and crib sheets for games that publishers omit (it’s hard enough just getting the damn things produced as it is).

Gamers then design their own, often using the original graphics from the game, and Universal Head has become one of the best at this. Apart from the simple point that his are clear, concise and always improve the game experience, he’s managed to knock out over 180 in the past few years. You can find them on his blog, listed here in alphabetic order. It’s a great free resource and you’ll probably find at least one you can use.

Some of these have already been added to games in our collection. But it would be nice if we had one or two more. Obviously, colour printing, and even laminating, takes time and money. But if you play one of our games and find it has no aid, go have a butchers and see if Universal Head has done one. Then help the club by adding one for free.


2 thoughts on “universal head – prolific player aids

    • BMYork says:

      Blimey, free entry this free entry that? How about the incentive of making the club experience better?

      We don’t need laminating. If it wasn’t in colour, I’d print it myself.

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