why does bing hate bmyork?

So here’s a funny thing. If you put ‘bmyork’ into google, our club is the top 8 hits, all our online presence in one place. Do the same in Bing and there’s one reference halfway down by some web-trawling index site. We are nowhere on Bing. Why does Bing hate us?

No doubt having a google account helps ‘bmyork’ in their rankings, but the top hit on google is this blog. You’d think Bing would have found the blog if nothing else.

How can we get Bing to recognise our presence? Not SEO, just to get them to see us.

EDIT: Tried ‘bmyork’ on Yahoo with strange results. The US Yahoo returned club results well enough. The UK yahoo returned same results as Bing. Tried the UK Google site and it gave the same results as the US Google. Does Yahoo just use Bing for searches?


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