statistical analysis of club attendance

We have some very useful and helpful club members. People help out in all sorts of ways. Last week, your Esteemed Leader wanted some statistical analysis of club attendance. A brief tweet and 4 of our members were on the case. The result is some interesting graphs, and you can see some here. (The club started 7 years ago, but the early years’ data wasn’t available).

Firstly, have a look at the average Saturday attendance each month going back to 2007. The last couple of years have seen a steady rise. Of course, it could start dropping or flatten out, but if it continues to rise…

But what we really wanted to see was a projection of future attendance, assuming continued growth. Obviously, this was not easy since the actual attendance on any day is very unpredictable. But going on the recent upswing, what could we see by the year end. We had different projections returned, and here are two of them.

This first one is suggesting we’ll stay over 40 until December, but not reach 50 yet.

The second suggests we’ll skim around 40 but we could reach just under 50 on one day. We repeat, it is very hard to make a realistic projection based on such limited data, but this is very useful and intriguing. The more that come to the club, the more chance you get to play the games you want. We’d love to see the club topping 50 each Saturday, but then there’s the question of space at the RI. Interesting, very interesting.


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