your suggestions wanted for game buying

As mentioned in the club recently, the club collection is under review. A lot of stuff nobody cares for any more will get the chop. And be replaced by new games and re-issues of classics we’re missing. We want the club collection to be more accessible, for more of the games to be played instead of just looked at.

As part of this process, we’ve made a short geeklist to show what we’re looking at getting soon. But we want your suggestions, especially for games that have come out in the last 3-4 years.

As usually, the Cult Of The New is a factor to be weighed. But we want the collection to reflect what games people want to play. So please get in touch ( and make your suggestions known. If you’re on BGG, then just go and add your ideas to the geeklist.

Of course, if you have any of the games we seek, and want to sell or trade or donate, then we’re open to do business.


2 thoughts on “your suggestions wanted for game buying

  1. john mccullough says:

    No recs but suggest that more of the money collected is used to rent the second room on Saturday mornings. It was very crowded last Saturday and surely enough money is being collected to rent it.

  2. BMYork says:

    It was extremely crowded and this is a concern for the club. It’s not as simple as just renting the extra room though. The RI is used by various groups, BM! is just one of them, and we must compromise. But we are regular contact with the manager of the RI and we will see what can be done. You’re not alone in your comments.

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