york bridge centre

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Having arrived in York over 12 years ago, your Esteemed Leader has passed by this building on Holgate Road in York literally thousands of times. Literally literally. Thousands. And yet never saw it. It’s just down from Holgate Bridge and yes, assuming it was named from proximity to the bridge was natural, and wrong.

Walking by it the other day, the pattern of Clubs Diamonds Hearts and Spades around the sign finally clicked, and on closer inspection, it turns out to be… a Bridge club.

Yup, York Bridge Club has their own exclusive building. A whole building just for a Bridge club. A whole complete building for one game. Jealous, moi?

They meet every day except Sunday, twice on Thursdays. You pay to play, and a club subscription.

If you fancy a spot of Bridge, you can contact them on 01904 622178 (can’t find a email address on their site). The photo includes other contact details, but that looks like somebody teaching Bridge.

In other news, BM! entrance fees are going up to £500 a day. We should have our own building by October.


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