evening chess league in york

Anyone who’s been in Room 1 at the Railway Institute where BM! meets knows it’s the home of the York Chess Club. We’ve been asked by Paul Johnson to tell you about the Evening League that also runs in York. This is for anybody wanting to play chess occasionally or on a regular basis.

From September to April, they run various chess events across York, from one day fun contests to different club matches, tournaments and contests, including a Knockout tourney. Some matches are in York at different locations, and some matches are out and around Yorkshire. The Evening League has two Divisions including teams from the York RI. There are also training sessions for juniors, and Congress events across the year. And they have rapid-play matches and visits from International Masters and simultaneous displays. There is an annual subscription, and you can see lots of details on two sites: http://yorkshirechess.org/york-district/ and http://www.chessnuts.org.uk/ny5/

With such a variety of matches, there’s something for everyone. If you want to know more about the evening league, please get onto Paul: p.johnson100@yahoo.co.uk for details and check out their websites.


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