club 10 % discount card now works in doncaster – Zone Out

Zone Out is a game store in Doncaster that runs a range of gaming events seven days a week – LANs, X-Box/PC, CCGs/Magic, tabletop & Warhammer, RPGs and boardgames. They’ve very kindly accepted our club discount card and offer you 10% off Board Games, Roleplaying Games and Tabletop Gaming (Warhammer, Flames Of War) bought in the shop. There’s a further offer on card games and card gaming accessories, but that will be in our regular email (not given here). All the usual conditions apply, offer is discretionary, discount applies to normal prices, the card must be validated for the quarter you’re using it, be nice and don’t argue with them.

It’s a very generous offer and we hope BM! members will take immediate advantage. They open at 10am weekdays and noon on weekends, and you’ll find them at 24 Nether Hall Road Town Centre Doncaster DN1 2PW. Say thank you to Ashley when you go in.

EXTRA!! The 10% discount also includes comic books, graphic novels and manga! Check out anything by Masamune Shirow, the best manga artist evar, especially Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell.


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