Mage Knight and Donny – regular meet – saturday 19th may 2012

Scientists have revealed today that this week includes the month’s 3rd Saturday. This amazing revelation means you can visit BM! at the Railway Institute, Queen St, York on Saturday 19th May 2012 from 10am to 10.30pm. You see, science is just so much better!

We’ve got two requests. One of them is from Tony, you all know Tony, well Tony wants to try Mage Knight, so if you’ve got a copy, puhlease bring it along.

Secondly, there are gamers in Doncaster who want some regular gaming. If you’re around Donny, they’ve started playing in a shop there called Zone Out.

We’ve made a slight change to our lending policy. It’s now only a £5 deposit to take a small box game home, instead of £10 for the big box games. Our club treasurer Robert will be the arbiter. You get the game for a month but you’re expected to bring games back for meetings, especially the very new games, so members can play them.

Finally, we’re going to put more older games up for sale. Time to start clearing the club collection out and make way for newer games. If you find one of our games with a price sticker on the cover, that’s for sale. Remember, you can sell your old games at BM! too. Better to just bring a price list and pass it around, and get contact details from buyers.


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