at last, your own dungeon! – win a family ticket in our free contest

1st April 2012. THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your interest!

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Like most people, you’ve probably wanted to run your own dungeon at some time. Locking up your enemies, torturing them and maybe ordering a few executions is the kind of thing we all enjoy. But just how do you get started in the gruesome trade? You can nip along to the York Dungeon on Clifford Street and see how the professionals do it. They’ve got lots of experience of cruel and unnecessary torture, ghosts, plague, witches and various horrible blood-curdling nightmares to show you. You’ll soon get the hang of arbitrary justice and ghastly revenge. You might even get to dish some out, if you survive the ordeal.

Or you can practise lording it over your minions in the comfort of your own home with Dungeon Lords. This game comes from the Czech game designer Vlaada Chvátil, who’s got a growing fanbase for his clever work. In Dungeon Lords, players each get to build up their own dungeons, with tunnels, treasure rooms, imps and monsters. Then their work is tested by marauding treasure hunters to see how well it survives attack. Players keep their dungeon supplied with food and gold, control their imps and monsters, install traps, expand with more tunnels and rooms, fight off the invaders and then get an annual inspection from the Ministry Of Dungeons. Get through two years intact and you might be crowned Dungeon Lord.

We’ve got a copy in the club and members who’ve tried Dungeon Lords generally rate it very well. It’s more of a gamers’ game, running around two hours, and learning it is tricky at first. There’s an element of solo play in that you each run your own dungeons, but player inter-action comes in the planning steps when you decide your orders. Keep an eye on the other players’ progress and actions, as what they do will affect you. Dungeon Lords is highly rated on BGG (7.60/10) and a follow-up game called Dungeon Petz came out last year too. Both are published in English by Z-Man Games.

So here’s our FREE contest for you to win a family ticket to visit any of the four notorious Dungeons in the UK this year. Just answer these simple questions, and pop your name and email in so we can contact you. The single prize is only for UK residents and cannot be transferred. The contest will end on 30th April 2012 or after 200 entrants, whichever comes first. The winner will be drawn at random, BM! organisers are excluded and the judge’s decision is final.


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