Null Points! – regular meet saturday 17th march 2012

Another reminder, as if you needed telling, that we meet again as usual on Saturday 17th March 2012 at the Railway Institute on Queen St, York, from 10am to very very late. We are thinking of changing the club name from Beyond Monopoly! to Beyond The Resistance! but this has yet to be ratified by the high council (that’s the secret inner circle that runs BM! as a front for international machination). If you find any games with a red price sticker on the front cover, it’s for sale by us at that price. Visitors this Saturday will have the opportunity to play-test a new game called Null Points! themed on a popular pan-european singing contest, not we repeat NOT the Eurovision Song Contest because that’s all copyrighted apparently. No, this is a totally different pan-european singing contest. Try and get the BABA card, it will really help. Zut Alors! Please note, the club accepted a donation of Cosmic Encounter and two editions of Axis & Allies (D-Day and another one I forget) so if that’s your bag, we have your thang. Also, if anybody has access to a disused volcano with large underground facilities, please get in touch.


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