5th november 2011 round up – Essen was good good very good

After getting back from Essen, we had a ton of new games to play. Essen had proved a good show this year, a very good show, and our generous friends have taken care of us again. After shipping a load back, we got them into the club as soon as possible. And got them played. This year, every new game gets a good run as soon as we can manage. Plus, we had another load of bargain games from The Works too. These were delivered a day before going to Germany, a tall stack of very nice games at very low prices. Our club bank balance has taken a hit, but our new 4th cabinet is filling up quickly.

We thank two club members for a huge amount of help at Essen and afterwards. Janet and Mark gave great support, both checking out games on our target list, finding things to see in the show, and best of all, being eager bagpeople! At the end of the show, we have a brief chance to get some demo copies of games from publishers. They’re busy packing up their stands and getting ready to leave. We’re haring round, asking if we might have a copy of this or that. This year was harder than most, even demo copies were being sold off, but every time we scored, the game went straight into Ikea bags and off we trotted to our next friends. Then Janet and Mark hauled back a stack of games from the show to the hotel, which were then shipped back to England. But that was not enough for them! Back here, then they took games away to learn the rules and be ready to explain them at this first meeting. 011, Alba Longa, Charon inc, Masters Of Commerce (THE hit game from Essen), Venture Forth, Flash Point Fire Rescue, Confusion and more got demo’d right away. RESULT!

Of course, one game got a real Ooooh! when it came out of the bag… The Resistance! yup, that one little box was all they wanted to see.

The bargains from The Works kept us busy too. Assyria, Caylus Magna Carta, Ming Dynasty, Strozzi, all neat games for only £7.99 on your doorstep!

What else did we play on the 5th? 1870 (one of the 18XX train games), Aber Bitte Mit Sahne, Alba Longa (instant hit), 011, Assyria, Basari, Can’t Stop, Carcassonne with expansions, Charon Inc., China, Gonzaga, Grimoire, If Wishes Were Fishes, Masters Of Commerce (played a few times already), Niagara, Ninjato, Puerto Rico, Quarriors, Steel Driver, Stronghold, Strozzi, Venture Forth, Who Would Win?, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, K2, Steel Driver, Puerto Rico, Ming Dynasty, The Resistance of course, El Grande, Alhambra, Caylus Magna Carta, Confusion, and a whole lot more.

We meet again this Friday at the Harlequin Coffee House in Kings Square and then on this Saturday at the RI as normal.


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