15 october 2011 meet round up

Just a brief round up of the games we played. This was just before going to Essen and another busy day. We just got in some of the bargain games from The Works, and they got played immediately. And we did play A Few Acres Of Snow, Airships, Apples To Apples (which’s more Influential, Mahatma Ghandi or Machine Guns?), Brass, Capt Clever, Discworld: Ankh Morpork (the new game from Martin Wallace, proving very popular), Eketorp, Galaxy Trucker, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Backseat Drawing (very funny), Hive, If Wishes Were Fishes, Le Havre, Louis XIV, Montego Bay (complete with the Banana Boat Song!), Race For The Galaxy, Saboteur, Sekighara Unification Of Japan (yup that was one of Jim’s), Stone Age, Ticket To Ride, Vabanque, Where’s Bob’s Hat?, Mr Jack (the ahem streetwalker successfully arrested Sherlock Holmes for the crime), Shadow Hunters, Thurn Und Taxis, Orient Express, What’s My Word?, The Resistance (naturally), and a lot more but one had to step out for a while.

There are still great bargains to be found at The Works. Montego Bay turns out to be a really nice movement game with subtle timings going on. A steal at 8 quid. We already had Airships, but that’s another great game worth getting now. Eketorp and If Wishes were more Works bargains.


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