busy week, three meets in 6 days

It’s been a busy week, time to catch up on our recent meets. We had 3 meets in 6 days, our Final Friday for September, then our 1st Saturday and 1st Wednesday for October. Next meet is 3rd Saturday, 15th October 2011 and after that everybody goes to ESSEN!!

We’re delighted that our hosts for Friday have won a big coffee-type award. The Attic are now the best Espresso maker in the UK. They are genuinely in the elite class for coffee in Britain, so if you think Starbucks is great, get to our Final Friday meet and find out what proper coffee is like. Grats! We’ve been getting great turn-outs there too, it’s turning into a top venue for us. We’ll get the balance of games improved, but you should really try it out.

Whilst the turn-out on Friday was great, we’ve had a dip on Saturday and Wednesday. To be expected, with absolutely stunning weather lately, but we do need to see more people on the 1st Wednesday. We’ve not reached a critical mass yet.

So what did we play? Well those fantastic bargains from the Travelling Man sale arrived, and those even more stunning bargains from The Works too, so they’re starting to hit the tables. But we’ve had some classics out last week, Um Reifenbreite got cycled a few times, Chris also had an old Jumbo game Orient Express, we had a classic AH edition of Acquire played. Robert’s been coaching more players on Basket Boss, Vabanque and Elk Fest, Paul’s been showing Quarriors and we’ve seen the heavyweights like Power Grid, Dungeon Lords and the riotous Space Alert. And then there was Bunny Bunny Moose Moose. So a clean sweep for Vlaada. Also, games in The Works sale like Ponte de Diavolo, Airships, Cuba. And a load of Knizia games like Carcassonne The City, Medici, Tutankhamen, Beowulf, Tower Of Babel. Also Dominion, Forbidden Island, Tobago, Burg Appenzell, The Adventurers, San Juan, Race For The Galaxy, Zozzle, Mr Jack, Trans Europa and many many more.

Wednesday was quieter, with A Few Acres Of Snow, Hive, Ponte De Diavolo again, The Swarm, Ruse & Bruise to much much argument, Saboteur, Quarriors, Ave Caesar, For Sale, Pitchcar, more Um Reifenbreite, more Elk Fest and some other stuff I can’t recall.


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