here’s the list – these games 8 quid or less at The Works in a week or so…

So, we’ve been banging on about these great games that suddenly appeared at a few branches of The Works. Like lots of gamers, we’ve in touch with them and got the following message:

“Thank you to you all for your positive responses to our recent trial of Strategy games here at The Works.  I am now fully acquainted with the board game geek website, and thank you all for your information!

We value your feedback greatly in order to buy the best possible ranges for our customers and as a result I have some news that will excite you!

The names below are all new and popular strategy games that we have bought to be delivered into our warehouse next week so they should hit stores in the next two weeks.  If, however, you are unable to find any at your local Works please have a look at our website.

  • Assyria £7.99
  • Burger Joint £7.99
  • Lucky Loop £7.99
  • Changing Horses £7.99
  • Click Clack age 5+ £7.99
  • Ys £7.99
  • Ystari Expansion Box £2.99
  • Enuk age 5+ £7.99
  • Lord of the Rings Duel £7.99
  • Alhambra Treasure Chamber exp £4.99
  • Alhambra Power of Sultan exp £4.99
  • Notre Dame £7.99
  • Aqua Romana £7.99
  • Ponte De Diavolo £7.99
  • Airships £7.99
  • Amyitis £7.99
  • Eketorp £7.99
  • Ming Dynasty £7.99
  • Highlands Clan £7.99
  • Oregon £7.99
  • Montego Bay £7.99
  • Utopia £7.99
  • Inka £7.99
  • Three Commandments £7.99
  • Robber Knights £7.99
  • Fast Flowing Forest Fellers £7.99
  • If Wishes Were Fishes £7.99
  • Royal Palace £7.99
  • La Citta £7.99
  • Maori £7.99
  • Strozzi £7.99

Happy shopping and thanks again for your custom at The Works.”

Check them out! We play loads of those at BM! . We already play Fast Flowing Forest Fellers (aka Flussfeiber), The Three Commandments, Airships, Royal Palace, Ponte De Diavolo, Aqua Romana, Maori. We just bought Ming Dynasty, Cuba, Montego Bay, Eketorp, Highland Clans. We’ll be buying Assyria, If Wishes Were Fishes, La Citta, Strozzi, Utopia, Oregon (superb game), Ys and the expansion, Changing Horses and probably some more besides.

There’s a branch in the centre of York (5/6 Church Street, York YO1 8BG 01904 679132) and there’s our kind friendly branch in the York Designer Outlet (Unit 204 Designer Outlet Village, Fulford, York YO19 4TA 01904 678 868) and of course the Leeds branch (9/10 Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 8NG 01132 465001).

Short of Katie Price telling The Sun that she can’t get enough of Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride, this is the biggest news to hit Brit gamers. A major UK retailer has discovered our games and is selling them cheap. Yes, not the latest titles, but still lots of top games for just 8 quid each. Really, what more do you want? Get in there!


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