The Works rolling out bargains to all 300 stores nationwide in october

You’ll have seen our previous item on The Works getting some top games at bargain prices. Games like Cuba, Royal Palace, Batavia, Notre Dame and more for just £8 each. There was a big buzz about it on BGG with gamers scouring the nation for these rare treats.

Well things have developed. We’ve been told by The Works that following the success of this trial in their main stores, they will now be putting these games into all of their 300 stores nationwide. Not until mid-October, so bide your time, but we will see these games in the centre of York and hopefully in the Designer Outlet in a few weeks time.

This is a big deal. Normally a few Queen Games get into TK Maxx in November. But The Works has got Rio Grande games and that is a major change. Whether it’s a one-off or a permanent change, we shall see. But just for now, we suggest you speak to the store manager at your nearest The Works and get your copies reserved.


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